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Nordex Precision Clutches

Among the ten of thousands of components featured in the Nordex Ultimate Design Guide 2007 are One-way Clutches and Slip Clutches.

One way clutches are stainless steel with oil-impregnated bronze bearings. These over running spring wrapped type clutches are available for clockwise or counterclockwise direction with shaft sizes from 1/8 to 5/8. Typical applications include unidirectional stepping, automatic flywheel decoupling and backstopping.

Nordex also offers a variety of Slip Clutches including:

  • Spring Wrapped - a continuous duty clutch for use in tension control and transmission overload protection with torque ranges from 1.0 to 240.0 oz-in.
  • Adjustable - a intermittent duty clutch for light duty only, not continuous duty with torque ranges up to 10 oz-in (50 oz-in available upon request).
  • Miniature - adjustable continuous duty clutches are available in clamp or pin hub types with torque ranges up to 50 oz-in. or with standard or special clockwise and counterclockwise slip torques. Clamp hub type for use with hubless gears, chain sprockets, timing belt pulleys and gear blanks. Applications for Pin hub mounting include transmission overload protection and tension control of film or tape drives.

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