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Testing Turnkey solutions


At Nordex, Quality control testing is performed to maintain a high control measurements in the development labstandard of Quality. We are here to assist you in solving problems, prevent failure and or analyze an existing failure you are currently battling.

We test for correct material, hardness and finishes to be sure that we consistently exceed your requirements. Our trained Engineers and technicians can develop test stands and test fixtures to perform non-destructive testing to calculate loads, speeds, and life expectancy of an assembly or a single component. Exhaustive failure analysis is available with a full report of our findings.

Nordex is available to work with you to explore alternate materials or manufacturing methods with a goal to provide the best product that can be manufactured at a minimum of cost without sacrificing product strength, life or Quality.

Nordex is committed to work with you to achieve a goal of continuous Improvement.


Nordex Quality Control