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Brain Probe

Someone asked me what the absolute coolest project was that we have worked on at Nordex. There have been many, but one of the seminal projects that firmly established us in the world of mechanical miniaturization was a device to control a miniature probe that was inserted into the brain of an awake, freely moving animal. Continue reading

Honorable Mention

One of the biggest complements that I’ve ever gotten in my career was receiving an honorable mention on a patent. It happened to be on an ultrasonic breast imager. We were able to miniaturize the existing art Continue reading

Gear Solutions Q & A

Check out an interview with our company president published in the April 2015 issue of Gear Solutions: Q&A with Dan Agius.

The Smart Mammal

Every so often, something that is so familiar that you don’t even think about it jumps out at you. Like our logo – I see that numerous times nearly every day. But for some reason it really grabbed my attention today. Continue reading