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Nordex Featured in Power Transmission Engineering Article “Coupling Connection”

Simply defined, a coupling is a device used to connect two shafts together at their ends for the purpose of transmitting power. The coupling has been around since shortly after the invention of the wheel, i.e.—no wheel, no coupling. And something that has been around even longer than that is the often harsh and extreme environments in which couplings are at times required to function. Considering the seemingly endless list of coupling applications—from mining to the space station—it’s a given that couplings are often subjected to, among other things, extreme heat, cold, sand and degraded lubrication.

Coupling Connection Article

Nordex Teams with University of Hartford on Prosthetics for Kids Project

Charles Paulsen, associate director of the Mechanical and Manufacturing Technologies for Energy and Sustainability (MET2) program at the Connecticut College of Technology walked into the Nordex lobby in Brookfield, CT, on a mission. He was visiting engineering companies in the area hoping to find people interested in supporting a student project known as Prosthetics for Kids.

“The prosthetic arm created by the students was for children who were either born without an arm, lost their arm in an accident or in an act of terror in other countries,” said Lisa Barrett, sales manager at Nordex, Inc.

Nordex was excited to participate in the project because it mirrored the company’s very own engineering philosophy:

“We exist to assist fellow engineers design and bring to life new and innovative ideas,” said Barrett. “Our goal is to make a difference in the world by offering innovative ideas and fostering the philosophy that anything is possible.”

Nordex contributed parts for the Prosthetics for Kids project. Recently Senior Engineer Nick Antonelli and Barrett visited students at the University of Hartford where eight student projects were presented as part of the MET2 program.

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Brain Probe

Someone asked me what the absolute coolest project was that we have worked on at Nordex. There have been many, but one of the seminal projects that firmly established us in the world of mechanical miniaturization was a device to control a miniature probe that was inserted into the brain of an awake, freely moving animal. Continue reading

Honorable Mention

One of the biggest complements that I’ve ever gotten in my career was receiving an honorable mention on a patent. It happened to be on an ultrasonic breast imager. We were able to miniaturize the existing art Continue reading

Gear Solutions Q & A

Check out an interview with our company president published in the April 2015 issue of Gear Solutions: Q&A with Dan Agius.

The Smart Mammal

Every so often, something that is so familiar that you don’t even think about it jumps out at you. Like our logo – I see that numerous times nearly every day. But for some reason it really grabbed my attention today. Continue reading

Mind-Controlled Prosthesis

During my morning scan of the headlines, I noticed an article about prosthetic devices that are powered by a person’s own brain. In fact, these types of prostheses are the culmination of research and practical prototype building stretching back for decades. It’s very rewarding to know that Nordex was involved in fabricating prototype components for some of the scientists who developed brain-wave driven prosthetics.

Sometime around 1990, we received a phone call from an engineer at one of the top-tier institutes of technology asking us if we would be willing to help them build a special gear box. My answer is always “yes,” depending on the size of it (cannot be bigger than a breadbox). This gear box involved high torque, but had to be very lightweight.

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ACE Robot

The active compliance end-effector, or ACE, is a robot designed for teleoperated or robot-assisted ultrasound diagnostic imaging. ACE provides parallel motion, 6 degrees of freedom and haptic force feedback. The movements of ACE are similar to a Stewart platform. Developed by Vivonics with products supplied from Nordex, Inc.

Nordex, a leader in quality and innovation

A state of the art, global headquarters was custom designed and constructed to support company operations and accommodate our continued expansion. This location has become a world-class design and manufacturing center for support and communication with engineers anywhere. Included in the design of this facility is an extensive Class 100 clean room. By combining electro-mechanical technical expertise with clean room capabilities, we now perform Manufacturing Systems Integration for semiconductor and analytical equipment, as well as precision machining, gear design and production. Our System Integration capabilities are made possible through strict adherence with ISO 9001, verified by Det Norske Veritas. DNV, a world recognized leader in ISO registration and compliance performs bi-annual audits.

Our manufacturing and cultural diversity enable Nordex to deliver solutions that enhance our customers’ goals, allowing us both to achieve new heights! The Nordex Design Guide is available free of charge. In it, you will find the building blocks of machines and instruments found from the depths of the ocean floor, to the reaches of outer space.

Welcome to Nordex!

Nordex, incorporated in 1960, designed and manufactured surface mount technology assembly equipment. In 1975, the product line was modified for the manufacture of miniature precision electro-mechanical parts and assemblies. Today, over 25 years later, our focus is on fully integrated turnkey subsystems for medical, laboratory and industrial analytical instruments, factory automation, and the semi-conductor OEM industries. Continue reading