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Detailed Engineering

CAD Models are an intricate part of detailed engineering. From conceptual design, to layout of parts, life cycles, analyzing the assembly to manufacturing methods – models are essential. CAD models are available online for Nordex standard components.

Nordex is well known for assisting customers with “custom design” of mechanical engineered components and assemblies.


A bearing “bears” and controls the load of machine parts. They are devices that support, guide, and reduce the friction of tBearingshe motion of a rotating, sliding, or oscillating shaft or disk. They come in many forms, and Nordex provides a full range of precision bearing assemblies and components. Continue reading

Gears and Racks

There are various gearing options all dependent on the application.

Whether it’s a set of gears, rack and pinion, gear system or assembly values such as load, force, environment and mounting method need to be considered.

To successfully achieve your outcome allow Nordex engineering to assist in choosing the correct components.

Custom Precision Slide Assemblies

custom precision slide

Custom Precision Slide Assemblies by Nordex Inc.

Slide Assemblies are configured to your specific requirements. Mounting options, coupling, motor, anti-backlash or standard nut are a few things that are considered in the design stage. Travel distance and speed are calculated to meet your specific application. Used in many positioning applications ex. Robotics, Medical etc.

Indexing & Intermittent Motion

The Geneva Mechanism’s intermittent driven wheel is always under full control of the driver, no overrunning. The slots in the driven wheel must be accurately made and aligned for the driving pin to enter properly when cycling. Geneva Mechanisms, Ratchets & Pawls and Intermittent Motion Assemblies can be custom made.

Used in packaging, pharmaceutical and food industries.

The Bundling Advantage

Take advantage of the benefits of product bundling. A single purchase of complementary offerings can significantly increase profits on sales.

A value oriented strategy; one contact, one order, one delivery.

Or take advantage of Nordex assembly and kitting capabilities. Separate but related items grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit.

Standard and Custom Pulleys

Standard and Custom Timing Belt Pulleys are available in Inch and Metric Sizes. Nordex offers Pulley Stock and Belts as well as bearings and shafts to complete the project. Nordex Engineering Department is available to assist you in choosing the correct pulley, belt and mounting method for your specific application.

Worm Shafts & Worm Wheels

worm shaft and wheels

Worm Shafts & Worm Wheels by Nordex

Used when a large reduction in gear ratio is required and as a result a large increase in torque is provided. Matched sets can be used in a gear box for a quieter, long lasting application. Wheels manufactured in sub inch to approximately 18” in diameter. Also available in Anti-backlash versions.

Custom/Configurable parts

custom config parts

Custom/Configurable parts by Nordex, Inc.

Standard or semi-standard components are not relevant for all applications. Compromise can lead to safety, economic and system failure. When size, environment, weight, interface, load, fit & function are a challenge it is imperative to find a competent high quality machine shop that is affordable with a quick turnaround.

Custom Spline Shaft

custom spline shaft

Custom Spline Shaft by Nordex

Custom Spline Shafts can be added to existing roller systems to allow for axial adjustments. A bearing feature can be added to either end to eliminate over hung loading on the existing roller. Timed keyways is also an option.
Typical use: packaging, paper converting systems.
Benefits – Increased functionality.