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Standard and Custom Pulleys

Standard and Custom Timing Belt Pulleys are available in Inch and Metric Sizes. Nordex offers Pulley Stock and Belts as well as bearings and shafts to complete the project. Nordex Engineering Department is available to assist you in choosing the correct pulley, belt and mounting method for your specific application.

Worm Shafts & Worm Wheels

worm shaft and wheels

Worm Shafts & Worm Wheels by Nordex

Used when a large reduction in gear ratio is required and as a result a large increase in torque is provided. Matched sets can be used in a gear box for a quieter, long lasting application. Wheels manufactured in sub inch to approximately 18” in diameter. Also available in Anti-backlash versions.

Custom/Configurable parts

custom config parts

Custom/Configurable parts by Nordex, Inc.

Standard or semi-standard components are not relevant for all applications. Compromise can lead to safety, economic and system failure. When size, environment, weight, interface, load, fit & function are a challenge it is imperative to find a competent high quality machine shop that is affordable with a quick turnaround.

Custom Spline Shaft

custom spline shaft

Custom Spline Shaft by Nordex

Custom Spline Shafts can be added to existing roller systems to allow for axial adjustments. A bearing feature can be added to either end to eliminate over hung loading on the existing roller. Timed keyways is also an option.
Typical use: packaging, paper converting systems.
Benefits – Increased functionality.

Integral Gear/Shaft Combo

One piece construction units increase strength and reduce cost. Straight or helical pinion, pulley and spline are all options.

Numerous mounting features include grooves, flats, d-shape shaft and threaded ends.

These are used in Office Equipment, Robotics, Medical and Industrial Machinery.

Nordex Engineers are available to assist.

Drive Component Kits

drive components kits

Drive Component Kits by Nordex, Inc.

A select group of mating components needed for a particular project in ready-to-use kits.
Kits reduce material handling, processing and assembly time as well as aid in field service and assure proper fit. Ex. Gear/Shaft/Bearing/Clamp
Ex. Pulley/Belt/Idler/shaft
Ex. Sprocket/Chain/shaft/Coupling
Standard & Custom

Miniature Custom Drive Components

Some devices require sub-miniature to small compact components. These right angle drives, quiet rack and pinions, mounting/connecting components can be manufactured from subminiature to much larger sizes.

Used in precision Medical Instruments, Robotics, Office Equipment, Drones and Precision Timing Mechanisms.

Assembly cells available to build sub-assemblies or end product.

Pressure Roller Assembly

pressure roller assembly Pressure Roller Assembly by Nordex

This assembly is used for packaging or any web fed application. A motor or shaft gets connected to the coupling. The Drive Roller advances the material and the Pressure Roller keeps the material under control so if feeds evenly. This assembly can also be used as a tensioning device.

Anti-Backlash Gears

Anti-backlash gears are suited for precision applications where a high degree of accuracy is required.
They are also used when the drive axis must reverse direction while maintaining a high degree of repeatability.

These are available in compact and miniature compact designs. Standard and Custom styles available in both our Inch and Metric series.

Ball Bearings


Ball Bearings by Nordex

A bearing bears and controls the load of machine parts. They are devices that support, guide, and reduce the friction of the motion of a rotating, sliding, or oscillating shaft or disk. They come in many forms, and Nordex provides a full range of precision bearing assemblies and components.